Constructivism is the theory of learning behind work in primary. It involves developing projects that present a complex reality approached in a cross curricular manner. New Technologies of Information and Communication (ICTs) are present in each and every project and activity. The pillar “Learning to know” is the basis of every teaching instance and fosters students’ development of cognitive abilities and skills which will be necessary in their secondary education.

Primary is divided into three cycles. Each cycle has its own characteristics according to the students’ developmental stage.


First Cycle: 1st, 2nd and 3rd form

Curricular subjects such as Language Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Social Studies are taught within the first years.  English oral skills are fostered and focused on so that by the end of the first cycle children sit for the international exam of Trinity College London. Every year a higher percentage of students take the Grade Four exam (GESE), in which the oral competences tested are of considerable complexity.


Second cycle: 4th and 5th form

Dealing with the specificities of the disciplinary areas and their subjects of study begins in the second cycle.  Children go deeply in the contents while promoting a first approach to new study methodologies.


Third cycle: 6th and 7th form

The third cycle prepares students for secondary school and they have primary teachers as well as those specialized in the specific field or subject. Students are expected to show a great sense of responsibility, commitment towards school and autonomy.


Weekly assemblies foster the main objective of “learning to live together”. In that spirit, a “Student Council” has been created as a participative instance in which democratic debate allows the class representatives to advocate on behalf of their mates. Its objective is to reach consensus guided by a team of teachers who are specialised in conflict resolution. Building up our students’ identity as citizens as well as their abilities to argue and to solve problems are at the core of the objectives of our primary school.

On their way along their primary education there is a wide range of areas children go through, both in the realm of knowledge and art, namely plastic arts, music, natural sciences and computer studies. As regards the English language, there are different creative workshops together with subjects such as drama, music and phonology. Shira and Rikudim (traditional Israeli dance) are the workshops framed in the Jewish Studies department.


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