Our Educational Project

Beth School is an innovative Jewish bilingual proposal (Spanish-English), officially recognised by the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires, with high and avant-garde standards of education for Kindergarten and Primary School- from eighteen months of age until seventh form.

Classroom work is carried out through cross-curricular projects that involve the presentation of a complex reality that enables children to understand the world around us.

Students acquire a fully bilingual education within the framework of the Whole Language philosophy. Thus, English gradually becomes the language of instruction, academic content and communication. Different disciplinary knowledge, such as natural sciences, social studies, language or art, is learnt through English.

Jewish traditions, customs, sources and the history of the Jewish people are transmitted through enriching experiences to build up the Jewish identity.

At Beth, every boy and every girl is considered unique, in his or her being, doing and feeling. Therefore, we work on setting the necessary school scenario so that each and every child can learn in the most adequate context.  Both curricular adaptations, for children who need a more concrete learning frame, and curricular enrichment, in cases with a high cognitive potential, are designed in order to fulfil this goal.

A key aspect of our integral upbringing viewpoint is the construction of a solid social framework. Respect to interpersonal relationships, a pleasant working atmosphere and commitment to environmental care are at the core of the development of solidarious actions, sensitive towards others, the surroundings and knowledge, both in and out of school.

Our proposal is rooted in a constructivist ideology of learning. Beth graduates display the necessary cognitive skills and competencies for the challenges posed by this new world.


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