Sports Project

In kindergarten and the lower years of primary the emphasis is on teaching the children the basic motor skills and coordination required to participate actively in sport in later years. Children are in contact with different materials designed to sequentially and increasingly develop skills appropriate to their ability and confidence levels as well as their developmental stage.

Later on, in the 2nd cycle of primary school, the students begin with team sports which emphasize responsibility and working with others to achieve a common goal. Team sports are introduced with the objective of instilling fair play, respect and cooperation.

This activity is held at places especially designed for sports: Club de Amigos and, on rainy days, in the gyms of Hacoaj Yacht Club. (CABA)



Inter-school sports meeting


As from fourth form students get involved in the activities held by LIGA LEB. Beth is one the founder members of this league that promotes a set of planned sports meeting all throughout the school year for students from 4th to 7th form. Children engage in different sports and represent their school.


Camps: getting in touch with nature


Camping is an experience within our school project that starts in K-5 and continues all along children’s primary education. As from 4th form these experiences, that are framed by the “Life with Nature” Project, are closely related to curricular areas (social studies, natural sciences and Jewish studies). Camps are held in different sort of facilities: Jewish clubs and country clubs in K-5, 1st and 2nd form; a camping site in Ezeiza in 3rd form; the city of Rosario in Santa Fe in 4th form and the city of Tandil (Province of Buenos Aires) in 5th form.


Iom Sport: sports day at Beth


Once a year, the whole school gets divided into three different teams for an entire day: BLUES, YELLOWS AND REDS enjoy a sports day by getting engaged in different games, activities and competitions. This experience, which every child in primary school attends together with their teachers, is held at Club de Amigos.
Kindergarten enjoys a similar event called Iom Sport Junior



After-school/extra-curricular activities

The school offers a set of workshops children can attend throughout the school year. These include different sports and recreational activities:




Dance and coreographies


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