Meet Tyler, a fuzzy friendly puppy who wants you to come and play at home with him and his best friends Zimby Zebra and Ravi Raven.

About BethBuddies

Bethbuddies is a Puppet-Show series produced by Beth School focused on young children’s learning and entertainment. Our friend Tyler and his dear friends go to Beth School and while they are at home, they will live adventures, find new ways of playing and have fun together in every episode. 

Together they will discover important lessons about friendship.

 Ravi Raven

Ravi Raven was found in Ravi River in India. He’s very funny and loves reading books on the tree in the backyard.


Tyler is the fun, lovable and curious dog who always wants to play, play and play! He likes pizza and cooking for his friends.


Zimby the sweet zebra comes from Zimbabwe. She loves nature and art. You can find her watering the plants in the garden or painting in the playroom.


Episode 1 – Are you hungry?


It’s lunchtime! Tyler and his friends are very hungry. Listen to their lunch rap! What are you going to eat today buddy??

Episode 2That’s what friends are for


Tyler is feeling sad. Zimby and Ravi will do anything to make him feel better.

Episode 3 – Coming, ready or not!


Tyler, Ravi and Zimby discover a new game. Have fun trying to find their hiding spots!

Episode 4 – Bubblebath!


Tyler needs a bath but he has to find his rubber duckie first. Will he find it?

Episode 5A mysterious mystery


Zimby invites Tyler and Ravi to have tea together but… Where are the cookies? Play with them and find out!

 Episode 6 – Rosh Hashanah is coming

Tyler and Ravi are very excited about the Rosh Hashanah Seder. But… where is Zimby? What is she doing?

Episode 7 – Campers on the go!

Bethbuddies will camp in the backyard. Enjoy the new adventures that will take place on this special day out.

Behind the scenes

What´s up? Surprises? What´s going on? Bethbuddies? Algo está pasando en el jardín. ¿Qué será que genera tanta alegría?

Behind the scenes

Y siguen llegando sorpresas. They all look so happy! What can it be? The mystery continues…

After watching Episode 7,

let’s play this game!

After watching Episode 6,

let’s play these games!

After watching Episode 4 and 5,

let’s play these games!

After watching Episode 4,

try to find the rubber duckie!

After watching Episode 3,

find the Bethbuddies!

After watching Episode 2,

Spin the wheel!

After watching Episode 1,

let’s play this memory game!